Window Sills

Window sills are designed to be installed together with windows into the bottom part of window opening. They prevent water from entering into the premises, protect the window structure against moisture and premature destruction.

Window sills are a required component of any window, balcony or loggia.

Advantages of aluminum windowsills:

  • anticorrosion aluminium base;

  • special two-layer lacquer coating with separate burning;

  • excellent resistance to atmospheric precipitationsexposure, UV rays, temperature fluctuations from -40°C to +80°c, mechanical exposure

  • (wear, scratches), dust contamination;

  • easy cleanup of the surface with water;

  • aesthetic look for manyyears;

  • the surface of a windowsill is covered with protective film that preserves the product during its transportation and installation, and is easily removed right after the installation
  • can be used for wood, vinyl and aluminum windows