We add steel reinforcement inside the frame and sash to ensure the strength of our vinyl windows.

LUMEN Revolution XL Vinyl Windows 

Revolution XL is a high-performance window and door system that achieves the best of both worlds: a European-style product with the ability to retrofit for U.S. applications. Our vinyl windows and doors have many features and ideally suited for residential and commercial applications. ​

Inside & Outside: LUMEN Vinyl Windows is in Color

Mix, match and make magic with the colors of LUMEN's Revolution XL.

No matter what the design calls for, LUMEN Revolution XL provides today’s richest saturated colors, stunning natural woodgrain finishes, and typical aluminum-style finishes to create the perfect inside/outside solution. Choose from one of our standard colors, create a custom color, or mix and match colors to suit your interior and exterior needs. And because it’s backed by LUMEN, our laminates perform with the power of Solex™ technology, providing curb appeal, color retention and weather resistance.

Tilt & Turn 

  • ​​Passive house “friendly” – Revolution XL is the perfect choice for passive house projects
  • Structural performance enhanced due to heavy gage galvanized roll formed steel reinforcement
  • Thermal, acoustical and hurricane performance enhanced because of the ability to glaze up to 1 5/8” IGs
  • Compression seal technology delivers exceptional resistance to air and water infiltration
  • Low-profile styling for minimum bulkiness and maximum daylight
  • ​Many configurations and flexible designs 
  • A broad range of architectural colors, external metallic finishes and internal woodgrain patterns
  • A full complement of installation accessories
  • PTAC option available for commercial applications