Attached Blinds are blinds install on the interior side of your European style windows. It is easy to install and remove. It does not bother you when you operate tilt and turn windows.

Operation of this Attached Blind is very simple. You can just pull the bar on the top of the blind down or push the bar on the bottom of the blind top for opening and closing it.

Blinds come with many different colors which is going to match your window finish or you will pick your favor color.

Exterior Rolling Blinds

Exterior Rolling Blind is an European design for your Tilt and Turn windows.

It is going to be installed on the exterior side of your building which will not take any space inside your room. You can operate it with remote control with tilting angle and up&down blind movement. 

Rolling Blind is fully tested against windload and water pressure and will work effectively like a louver during raining time.

Attached Blinds 

Rolling Shutters, a great new way to keep your house safe without compromise the look of your windows by using window guards.

All our Rolling Shutters come with remode control for a easy access when you are inside your house. 

Rolling Shutter can be installed with the window and doors for a retro fit job. All Rolling Shutters are fully tested for windload, water and anti-force entrance with many unique looks and colors suit your very own style.

Please contact our sales Reps for more information about Rolling Shutters.

Blinds and Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters