Window Sills

 It is a system for wooden windows are produced by means of extruding high quality aluminium alloy, thus creating products of perfect durability, tightness and solid build. Soft Line and Classic sills receive a full set of complementary accessories: with caps, gaskets, stainless steel screws equipped with tight clips and drip profiles with end caps. Window sills available in anodised and powder coated versions.

Our wood windows come with prefinish coloring. Our customer will never need to worry about painting after installation. We also provide custom made window molding to match the color of the windows. Please ask our sales reps for more information.

Window Drip

Window Molding

All our Wood window products included these Aluminum drip profiles. They are the ideal solution to prevent the water infiltration.  All those elements stand out due to their meticulous approach to execution. They are made of high quality materials, providing protection against UV radiation

 Sills and Drips