This Profile is a thermally insulated system for inward and outward opening windows and doors that combines elegant design, stability and easy in production. The system's austere style and slender contours on the outside give it a steel look and feel.

As such, CS 38-SL is the perfect solution for both new-built constructions and the replacement of steel-framed windows and doors, respecting the original design but offering a thermally improved solution.

The minimalistic design is reinforced an invisible drainage system, avoiding the use of drainage caps at the outside of the windows. This system can also comply with burglar resistance class 2, offering a safe and secure solution.

CS 86-HI is a highly insulated system for inward opening windows and doors, which meets the highest requirements concerning safety and stability. The system's unique insulation concept not only ensures the extreme stability and elevated water- and air tightness, but also makes it perfectly suitable for triple glass applications. 

The overall insulation value (Uf) of the system makes it one of the most energy - efficient systems available. 

With regard to safety, CS 86-HI can comply with burglar resistance classes 2 and 3, offering an ultimate level of security.

Ultimate combination possibilities with the CP 155 silding system and CF 77 Folding doors, makes CS 86 extremely suitable for all types of building concepts.

CS 77 is a high insulating window and door system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability and security. The unique concept of the system makes it perfectly suitable for triple glazing. The system's performance regarding acoustics, water- and air tightness, but also for specific applications like Bullet - and Fire Resistance, meets the most sever European standards. Moreover, CS 77 is available is different burglar resistance level (class 2 & 3) making it an extremely secure system.

To match the different building types, the system is available in a variety of aesthetic styles: Functional, Renaissance and Hidden Vent.

The CS 77 system includes the most complete range of solution for all types of inward and outward opening windows and doors. Ultimate combination possibilities with the CP 130 sliding system and Ventalis ventilation units, makes CS 77 extremely suitable for all types of building concepts, even with the highest safety requirements. 

CS 77

Architectural Profiles

Universal solution

CS 104 is our most innovative inward opening window and door system, designed to increase comfort and decrease energy consumption to a minimum. The extreme insulation levels are achieved by a patented technology, in which insulation strips with increased stability are combined with special foam in a way that no extra manipulation is needed during the production of the elements. This guarantees a constant quality of the assembled element, making these windows and doors perfectly applicable in passive construction.

Besides a high insulation level, air tightness is the most important factor determining a window's or door's energy efficiency. Therefore, a new set of specific gaskets was developed to ensure ultimate water- and air tightness of the system, making this system applicable for extreme conditions such as coastal areas and high altitudes. The increased built-in depth (104 mm) contributes to the strength and stability of the elements, allowing large dimensions, even with the application of tripe glazing. Additionally, the system offers several different levels of burglar resistance (class 2 and 3). 

CS 104

CS 86-HI

Solution for low energy constructions


For people who desire ultimate design and top quality, we have a unique handle series, called Purity. This series combines next-generation material and mechanical properties with the superior design abilities.

Optimised safety and comfort

Respect for the origin

CS 68


CS 38-SL

Mosquito is a wire screen system, mounted on to a window, door or sliding door, which keeps out with a minimal interference of the view outside. The insect screen concept allows the windows, doors or sliding doors to be opened or closed without taking out the system. For the sliding insect screen, the rail is situated above or at the bottom of the door, assuring optimal comfort. 

Handles and complementary systems

Curtain Wall is a facade and roof system that offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency. Innovative solutions contribute towards the tendency of big, heavy and high insulated glass panes. CW 50 support up to 150, 310, and even 450 kg in various glass support configurations. 

​The system is available in several design and glazing variants, but also includes different technical variants to comply with specified levels of fire-resistance and thermal insulation.

The design variants offer solutions for both the exterior and the interior of the building. The glazing variants range from using standard pressure plates, to structurally glazed and structurally clamped solutions.

Curtain Walls: unlimited creative freedom and maximum entrance of light

CW 50, CW 60, CW 65, CW 86


Ventalis is an innovative and controllable ventilation system with a self-regulating airflow that can seamlessly be integrated in your windows or sliding doors. This modular system ensures both efficiency and an aesthetic design, allowing hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. 

Optimised safety and comfort

CS 68 is a universal window and door system, with good performances regarding stability, thermal insulation and security. The system is available in a variety of aesthetic styles: Functional, Renaissance, Softline and Hidden Vent - this way the windows can match your building style perfectly.

The system offers a range of solutions for inward and outward opening windows, doors and is compatible with the Ventalis ventilation units. In addition, CS 68 windows and doors can comply with burglar resistance classes 2 and 3, offering an ultimate level of security.