LUMEN LW-62 system is a thermal insulated series of profiles with mounting depth of 62 mm, designed for manufacturing of window, door and translucent structures of various configurations and degree of complexity that shall meet higher thermotechnical and sound-proofing requirements.

The system is based on combined profiles consisting of two aluminium profiles connected with the help of two elements made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide. Combination of two materials enables manufacturing of thermally insulated profiles that ensure good static performance of the constructions and other joint connections.

LW-62 is a general-purpose comprehensive system, which enables the manufacturing of:

Windows and entry doors in administrative, industrial, residential houses;

Stained-glass windows with a large number of doors and windows in case using of fa├žade systems is impractical;

Windows and doors in case using of other materials is impossible due to structural and architectural requirements;

Various types of frame structures with higher thermal- and sound-insulating requirements.

Window series of LW-62 system has euro-groove, and there is minimum requirements to the door accessories. This provides an opportunity to apply a wide range of accessories of various European and Russian manufacturers. This factor allows the companies that are already working with similar systems to keep the same supplier of accessories when changing the supplier of the profiles.

Key features of the structures made of LW-62 profiles:


Long life-time;

Resistance to corrosion, deformation, and negative environmental exposure;

Resistance to acids, oils, gases, ultraviolet rays;

Environmental friendliness;

Fire safety;

It is possible to produce the structures in any color, or combination of colors;

Possibility of producing the windows of bigger sizes, of various shapes with different opening types;

Structures can be produced for different climatic regions.