German Design Stainless Steel hardwares ensure our doors with an excellent life time


Hoisted Sliding Doors are the essence of functionality and elegance. Large glass areas give a special character to interiors. Sliding doors give a great deal of leeway in the room arrangement. Unlike regular swing doors, their panel slides parallel in the rail and does not take up any valuable space. Sliding doors have another advantage over regular French windows, namely they do not slam shut due to the wind or draft. Such doors are chosen not only to provide the passage to the terrace or conservatory. Open doors enable an excellent connection of the room or lounge with an external space. A low doorstep (convenient and safe) is an advantage of sliding doors, too.

Balcony Doors

When you have a large terrace or balcony, there is no other way to enjoy the space than this elegant Bi-folding Doors. 

Tilt & Slide Doors

Tilt-and-slide patio doors are an alternative to conventional French windows. To spare the space which is necessary to open the French window swing, a tilt-slide system can be applied. As the name itself indicates, the swing can be tilted (like on regular balconies) or slide to the left or right – as you wish. Sliding door has another advantage over regular French windows, namely it does not slam shut due to wind or draught.

Less Frame , More Glass!

Each panel can be custom made into very large size.

European Style Stainless Steel Roller and tracking system provide you a Smooth handling experience

Hoisted Slide Doors

Bi-folding aluminum doors are made of thermally-insulated aluminum profiles and can be opened different ways to suit the specific arrangement configurations and requirements. The color scheme of the construction is entirely up to the customer's preference. The profiles can be painted in any color out of RAL pallet or they may have wood grain finish.
Bi-folding timber doors are an ideal solution for the arrangement of passages not only in traditional rooms, but also for the public. The profiles are coated with four layers of top quality varnish. The entire door is normally coated with clear-colored or translucent varnish emphasizing natural surface quality of wood and the layout of tree rings. To make a more modern impression we can paint the construction in any body color out of RAL pallet.
​​Bi-folding PVC doors, similarly to aluminum doors, may imitate timber structure, they can, however, also be coated in uniform body colors on the outdoor side – in the so-called acryl color technology which provides an exceptionally durable coating.

You can switch door panel between fix and active by changing handle position up and down.

Bi-folding Doors

You are the designer of your house, design and choose the way you want this door to fold, we will make this happen.